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Zero Electrolyte Drink - NEW

Click here for Zero the Hi Electolyte Anti Cramp Drink in Tablet Form


Click here to purchase Europe's most effective complex carbohydrate sports fuel and re-hydrator. Specially formulated using High5's new Super Carb Formula and maltodextrin (glucose polymer) base these drinks provide effective energy that can be relied upon under the most arduous of conditions. Cup finalists, Tour De France winners and Ironman athlete's around the world rely on these drinks to give them the edge in performance.

EnergySource Plus Caffeine

Click here for Optimised Racing Fuel - When used correctly, caffeine, is one of the few legal substances that can increase sports performance.
EnergySource Plus delivers 30mg of caffeine per bottle this is just enough caffeine to increase your effort and endurance but not too much as to become ineffective.

Energy Source X'treme

Click here to purchase EnergySource X'treme - Using High5's Super Carbohydrates Formula and the most potent stimulant formulation available to competitive athletes coupled with our unique Hi Electrolyte Anti Cramp formula Energy Source X'treme will give you the edge to perform at your best.

Energy Source 4:1

Click here for EnergySource 4:1 an advanced fuel for use during exercise. It contains 4 parts Super Carbohydrate to 1 part Protein. Reseach shows that this ratio can provide athletes with more energy than carbohydrate alone and that protein prevents the muscles from being broken down and used as fuel during endurance training and competition.

Protein Recovery

Click here to go to find out about how our Advanced super carbohydrate & protein drink will increase your speed to recovery after hard exercise and how to accelerate the building of your lean muscle for increased strength and endurance.

NEW - Isotonic Gel & Gel Plus Caffeine

Isotonic EnergyGel is a concentrated sports fuel for instant energy. It has a lighter consistancy with Real fruit juice flavours for a great taste. There's no need to drink additional water with IsoGel.

Energy Gel - Energy Gel Plus Caffeine

Click here to discover how our light and fruity gels will increase your endurance and because they are so light and easy to carry - you need never again race or go on a long run without the carbs to keep you going.

Energy Bars - Sports Bars - Protein Bars

Click here to go to the tastiest Energy, Sports and Protein bars ever. Packed full of the highest quality ingredients these bars are the ideal meal to have before, during and after training or competition.


Click here for drinks bottles, Energy Gel flasks, Running Belts, Race Belts and anything else that we think will be useful for people who take their sport seriously and would like to get the most from their training